A Year in a Lane – Week 45

Traffic – not something we get a lot of in the lane – particularly at the top end. But this week we have had a couple of traffic jams – well a couple of vehicles together at one time!!The digger and the cart both decide to enter the yard near the horses’ field at the same time. Think the bigger guy has pulled rank!


And the very same day, Travis Perkins (other building materials providers are available!) turn up for a delivery so it’s parking in the lay by for a short while for anyone wanting to go past.


Someone who is not affected by the traffic has been off hunting and is now winding their way home for a cosy nap in front of the log burner.


We had some fog around for the past two weeks and I posted a similar picture to the one below showing the early morning mist. This one, however, is not fog but fine driving rain from low clouds providing a similar effect when viewing the tower.


Finally this week we were promised a “super” moon as the earth and the moon passed as close by each other as they have, and will, for a number of years. The forecast for the actual day consistently predicted cloud and thus no view of the phenomenon, so here’s a shot taken the day before – a sort of “not quite super” moon.


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