A Year in a Lane – Week 46

The winds have been picking up of late and culminated in storm Angus which blew in at the end of the week.

The apples on the tree in the paddock have held on as long as they could but the stronger winds have proved too much, especially as some were of a size where they were ready to drop anyway.


And the remaining leaves took a battering as well covering the lane with a golden blanket before everything eventually mulches away..


And with the storm came two days of torrential rain causing the storm ditches to overflow in places. The problem was that the fallen leaves blocked the water from following the natural course of the ditches. The one between my land and the field above suffered in exactly this way, causing a rather large area of water at the corner of the paddock.


There are a number of pheasants about at the moment having been driven from their habitats by those who seek to shoot them for “sport”. No comment! Here’s a refugee at the bottom of the garden.


Finally, here’s a sight you do not see too often – a Sale Agreed sign in the lane. The house at the bottom is set for new residents in the new year. Only the third time a house has changed hands in 20 plus years.




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