A Year in a Lane – Week 51

Christmas is coming and the weather has taken a bit of a chill but nowhere near cold enough for a white Christmas – have only seen two in thirty years of being in Dorset so it shouldn’t be a surprise! There are always plenty of walkers about on the paths and tracks – just a bit more hardy and wrapped up this time of year.


So, Christmas day is here and the tree is ready for presents underneath – although some won’t fit as we will see below.


And the reason being that some presents are almost as big as the tree itself. Here’s Willow who has a penchant for cooking – both her granddad and great granddad were chefs so maybe it’s in the genes!


Horses don’t stop eating and poo-ing for Christmas so there is always work to be done in the paddock . Wheelbarrows at the ready!


Talking of horses, they usually join in the annual Boxing Day walk – invariably down through the village into the woods. This time the Head Gardener has hopped on board looking suitably professional – or is that fear??!



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