A Year in a Lane – Week 52

And so here we are – a whole year has gone and this is the final week of the blog. I have taken many more pictures than have appeared on these pages and plan to create an e-book over the next few months to make a permanent recording of life in a lane in the early 21st century. Who knows – maybe one day someone will read it – haha.

This last week of the year has produced some very different weather depending on the day. Once again we had a lovely early morning mist or two.


A couple of sharp overnight frosts – one dropping to as low as -7 degrees here in rural parts – meant that early morning hay for the horses becomes essential for their well-being.


And of course, with the clear skies, came some lovely sunsets – indulge me one last time with this one!


As the temperature dropped the log burner is called into action during the day as well as at night – which means certain creatures don’t even bother to set foot outside unless it’s for essential business! Not a bad life for a dumped Greek stray and a cat found wandering the streets of Swindon by the RSPCA!


And so, having passed through November and December, our thoughts start to turn to Spring and the rejuvenation of plants and the land in only a few week’s time. Right now everything looks a little desolate and the lane, like us, waits for that re-birth to start all over again. Another year begins – thank you for sharing your time with us.

Happy 2017 to all.



A Year in a Lane – Week 51

Christmas is coming and the weather has taken a bit of a chill but nowhere near cold enough for a white Christmas – have only seen two in thirty years of being in Dorset so it shouldn’t be a surprise! There are always plenty of walkers about on the paths and tracks – just a bit more hardy and wrapped up this time of year.


So, Christmas day is here and the tree is ready for presents underneath – although some won’t fit as we will see below.


And the reason being that some presents are almost as big as the tree itself. Here’s Willow who has a penchant for cooking – both her granddad and great granddad were chefs so maybe it’s in the genes!


Horses don’t stop eating and poo-ing for Christmas so there is always work to be done in the paddock . Wheelbarrows at the ready!


Talking of horses, they usually join in the annual Boxing Day walk – invariably down through the village into the woods. This time the Head Gardener has hopped on board looking suitably professional – or is that fear??!