A Year in a Lane – Week 47

This year it has so far been a much colder and drier start to the winter, which is a blessing to be honest – no-one wants a repeat of last year’s mud fest as it kept on raining. The skies are thus much clearer giving some lovely sunsets through the trees providing a different effect now that the leaves are largely gone.


The lane itself is looking more bare and bleak. Not so many pickings around for nature’s creatures, but that doesn’t stop the hens from wandering around, foraging whatever they can from the verges.


We did have some severe winds in storm Angus that blew through the other week and that caused some residual damage. The crab apple tree in the horses’ paddock which I showed previously was already propped upright but sadly now has collapsed once again – possibly terminally this time.


The brown and white shape you may notice behind the tree in the picture above is none other than our hero, Tommy! This was one of the milder days so he took the opportunity to have a sit down and enjoy a little warmth from the winter sun. He is looking in fine fettle at the moment.


Tom doesn’t have a good relationship with winter blankets. He either rips them while scratching himself against a shelter or a tree or they bring him out in a nasty skin rash if he perspires too much. The racehorses next door, on the other hand, are far more sensitive to the cold and are always well dressed during the day when grazing outside.


And back to where we started, note the lack of mud in the fields pictured in the photos above – long may it continue!

A Year in a Lane – Week 46

The winds have been picking up of late and culminated in storm Angus which blew in at the end of the week.

The apples on the tree in the paddock have held on as long as they could but the stronger winds have proved too much, especially as some were of a size where they were ready to drop anyway.


And the remaining leaves took a battering as well covering the lane with a golden blanket before everything eventually mulches away..


And with the storm came two days of torrential rain causing the storm ditches to overflow in places. The problem was that the fallen leaves blocked the water from following the natural course of the ditches. The one between my land and the field above suffered in exactly this way, causing a rather large area of water at the corner of the paddock.


There are a number of pheasants about at the moment having been driven from their habitats by those who seek to shoot them for “sport”. No comment! Here’s a refugee at the bottom of the garden.


Finally, here’s a sight you do not see too often – a Sale Agreed sign in the lane. The house at the bottom is set for new residents in the new year. Only the third time a house has changed hands in 20 plus years.




A Year in a Lane – Week 45

Traffic – not something we get a lot of in the lane – particularly at the top end. But this week we have had a couple of traffic jams – well a couple of vehicles together at one time!!The digger and the cart both decide to enter the yard near the horses’ field at the same time. Think the bigger guy has pulled rank!


And the very same day, Travis Perkins (other building materials providers are available!) turn up for a delivery so it’s parking in the lay by for a short while for anyone wanting to go past.


Someone who is not affected by the traffic has been off hunting and is now winding their way home for a cosy nap in front of the log burner.


We had some fog around for the past two weeks and I posted a similar picture to the one below showing the early morning mist. This one, however, is not fog but fine driving rain from low clouds providing a similar effect when viewing the tower.


Finally this week we were promised a “super” moon as the earth and the moon passed as close by each other as they have, and will, for a number of years. The forecast for the actual day consistently predicted cloud and thus no view of the phenomenon, so here’s a shot taken the day before – a sort of “not quite super” moon.


A Year in a Lane – Week 44

This week we have had the first real frosts of the year, as the temperature has dropped in rural spots to (just) below zero. Bit cold getting out of bed in the morning but good for photo opportunities.


Greek dogs don’t really like the cold weather – well mine doesn’t anyway. Unless there is the opportunity of rabbit hunting, most of the time spent outside is keeping an eye out waiting for the door to open and a chance to nip back inside.


Couldn’t stop a pig in a passage with those back legs!

The horses’ winter field is deemed ready for use again now and the boys are now happily back for the first time in many months.


The grass isn’t the only thing to have flourished in their absence. Despite being propped up by wooden supports since some wind damage last year, the apple tree is bearing plenty of fruit.


As the winter approaches, leaves are falling all around us. The tall trees at the back of the field are open to the occasional stronger winds and already lay bare at the top in contrast to those lower down.


Just as the horses have settled back into the field then the neighbours backing onto it announce a firework party at the weekend. Although these two boys are generally “bomb-proof” when it comes to noise, it is decided to return them to the paddock by the house for the night, just to be on the safe side.


A Year in a Lane – Week 43

At this time of year in mid autumn, warmish sunny days and cooler nights quite often produce a mist or fog in the morning. And this year has been no different.


As the sun comes up, the nearby tower looms up out of the fog producing some good photo opportunities for an atmospheric feel.


Down by the, not to put too fine a point on it, muck heap, there is an old tree stump. This year it has been totally invaded by a mushroom type fungus. Like a number of other things this year, this is probably a result of a warm and long late summer extending well past its normal timeframe. This is one of the more interesting aspects. The plethora of wasps still buzzing about in late October certainly isn’t!!


The leaves are finally turning and producing striking autumnal scenes over the landscape. The browns contrasting with the greens that remain.


It is however, still warm enough for a bit of a lie down in the remaining warmth.