A Year in a Lane – Week 44

This week we have had the first real frosts of the year, as the temperature has dropped in rural spots to (just) below zero. Bit cold getting out of bed in the morning but good for photo opportunities.


Greek dogs don’t really like the cold weather – well mine doesn’t anyway. Unless there is the opportunity of rabbit hunting, most of the time spent outside is keeping an eye out waiting for the door to open and a chance to nip back inside.


Couldn’t stop a pig in a passage with those back legs!

The horses’ winter field is deemed ready for use again now and the boys are now happily back for the first time in many months.


The grass isn’t the only thing to have flourished in their absence. Despite being propped up by wooden supports since some wind damage last year, the apple tree is bearing plenty of fruit.


As the winter approaches, leaves are falling all around us. The tall trees at the back of the field are open to the occasional stronger winds and already lay bare at the top in contrast to those lower down.


Just as the horses have settled back into the field then the neighbours backing onto it announce a firework party at the weekend. Although these two boys are generally “bomb-proof” when it comes to noise, it is decided to return them to the paddock by the house for the night, just to be on the safe side.


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