A Year in a Lane – Week 35

It has been a bit murky of late with rain in the air but the temperature is still fairly warm. This combination quite often, at this time of year, produces a mist first thing in the morning.


As the sun comes up the mist tends to clear fairly quickly but can still leave an attractive early autumn view down the lane as the mist lingers below the willows, particularly at the bottom of the hill halfway .


The farm field next to the house has now been ploughed and rolled a few times and is completely flat again albeit a little muddy after the recent rain.


Subsequently it is being prepared for regrowth and a tractor covered the land with the first treatment. Unfortunately this is a form of silage which renders, shall we say, a different perfume to the atmosphere for a few hours!

IMG_1170 ed

Earlier in the year I showed my outdoor “office” – the gazebo on the decking. Sadly we had some un-seasonally strong winds last month and the gazebo was blown from its “moorings” right across the garden. Although I have managed to re-site it to serve the rest of the summer and autumn it is, as you can see, somewhat bent out of shape. After 6+ years of good service, I think it will have to be retired this year.


Finally another sign of autumn underway as the horse buckets are back out in force as the grass starts to slow in its growth and needs to be supplemented with feed. The stables next door seen here collecting the buckets ready to be replenished from the stores.


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