A Year in a Lane – Week 34

The dappled light through the trees when the sun is strong creates good photo opportunities in the lane. Here is a departing tractor heading off towards the road and flattening the surface out as it goes – very helpful for the car suspension!

DSC00648 ed

The farm field continues to be worked on now being ploughed as part of the preparation for re-seeding. You wouldn’t want to be standing too close to some of the equipment in use.


And, having been churned up, our old friend the roller is back to flatten everything down again.


There is obviously a chain of communication in the bird world that is beyond our understanding. We are about 8 miles as the crow/seagull flies from the coast and only usually see the latter when conditions are windy and rough at sea. However, despite the rich pickings of dropped food and ice cream cones from tourists, the gulls have obviously found out that there is a sudden availability of worms created by all the ploughing going on.


Recently the horses’ hay was delivered in preparation for the autumn and winter seasons which are now just around the corner. This week another reminder was the delivery of logs for the wood burner. A nice man in a lorry drops them off just by the wood shed.

DSC00658 ed

And, some thirty minutes later – thanks to much help from the Head Gardener – it’s all stored and ready for the colder weather.


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