A Year in a Lane – Week 36

We’ve seen a number of the lane’s creatures but here is one we haven’t had before – this slug caught my attention as, although it’s not so obvious here, he must have been well over 6 inches long as he made his way along the path.

dsc00796The farm field has, as regular followers will know, been ploughed, rolled, seeded and fertilised and now the grass is starting to come through remarkably quickly. Here it is at the start of the week:

dsc00800 And here… just 3 days later!


The horses are still down the lane but should be back in the paddock shortly for another stay. Flash is either contemplating an escape or whether to have a drink of water – almost certainly the latter as he’s not the escaping type!


I found this fellow sitting on the gravel in the driveway and managed to snap him before he flew off. There are a lot of butterflies around at the moment and this fine looking Red Admiral is one of the prettiest.


Also prevalent of late are the Hawks – not sure if they are Kestrel or Sparrow. This one decided to perch on the nearby electricity pole, on the lookout for potential prey no doubt.


And here he is with his/her mate, swooping gracefully over the nearby fields in search of food.


No more House Martin photos I’m afraid – at some point early in the week they set off back to warmer climes for the winter. Unfortunately I wasn’t here to get a snap as it would have been quite a picture as they tend to fly en-masse.

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