A Year in a Lane – Week 33

Not for the first time, a visitor has asked why there are some steps apparently in the middle of nowhere in the horses’ winter field.


The answer to this conundrum is that they are for boarding (not sure if that’s the correct technical term) the horse – i.e. to get a leg up in the absence of other humans around to help.

The late summer warmth has continued this week and encouraged sunbathing among many of us – what’s a black dog to do except enjoy the warmth in the shade?


The flowers are looking lovely still but I thought it would be good to capture the side patio before things start to wilt as autumn approaches. A good variety of colours this year!


Earlier on in the year we looked at the bottom end of the lane and the woods there. However, we haven’t really examined the opposite direction other than the farm. Crossing the adjacent field (that’s the big one awaiting ploughing) from the stile at the end of the driveway, you are presented with a lovely view across east Dorset countryside and down onto Cranborne Chase in the distance.

DSC00641Looking the other way and zooming in a little we can see the local pub. This appears, at first glance, to be on fire but there is a clue at the bottom left of the picture in the shape of a steam engine. Each weekend before the Great Dorset Steam Fair, which takes place a few miles away, a significant number of engines visit the car park of the local and a weekend of steam, live music and beer and cider is enjoyed by many visitors. It is a well-loved local tradition.

DSC00640And here is one of the visiting vehicles heading off on Sunday towards the Steam Fair itself.

DSC00645 ed

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