A Year in a Lane – Week 32

Although the weather has really come good this month and summer is all around, reminders of the autumn to come are starting to appear. The horses’ hay has been delivered in time for the colder weather when the grass stops growing. So we are all stocked up now.


Another sign is hidden in the trees down the lane – well, one particular type of tree anyway. Horse chestnuts are coming through reminding those of us of a certain age of the all-important conker fights we used to have at school. Not sure if that still happens anywhere – I think the pastime has been more or less eradicated by a combination of technology and our dear friend Health and Safety.


It is always nice to see humans being helpful to nature rather than destructive. The tree on the left has been weakened over the years by the weather and wind but, with a little help from the local inhabitants and a fellow tree, it continues to survive.


Having vaguely criticised technology above, there are many advantages that can help improve life, even in the countryside. Thanks to faster broadband and wifi, many of us can work from home in rural locations and, in the summer, the “office” can be a great place to work.


As shown in previous weeks, I am quite pleased with the way my plants and baskets have gone this year but it is difficult to compete with the stables next door who have a wonderful display all around their gardens.


Finally, more living creatures in the lane – this time Lottie and the hens decide to have a bit of group sniff around the verges. They look friendly enough here although Lottie has been known to “do a runner” if they all move towards her at once. Brave dog!


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