A Year in a Lane – Week 31

This week we start with the birthday boy. Tom was 26 years young last Tuesday and apart from some knobbly looking knees is still in pretty good shape.


Here is a very brave youngster, wasn’t phased by me getting pretty close with the camera and wasn’t too concerned that Lottie was only a little way behind me (although our fearless hunter was totally oblivious to bunny’s presence). I hope this rabbit isn’t quite so trusting when the man with the rifle, who culls rabbits for the local landowners, comes around.

DSC00577Work continues apace in the adjoining field which, as mentioned before, is getting a bit of a makeover including ploughing later in the year. The new posts along the bridle path are now being wired up for when sheep eventually return.

DSC00581Last week I showed a nest that had collapsed because the young birds got too heavy and still tried to sit in it. Well, here is one that will be following on shortly if Morecombe and Wise, here, don’t start hunting for themselves rather than waiting for parental assistance.

DSC00582Pigeons breed all year round so obviously nest building can take place at any time of the year. This fine specimen is looking very pleased with him(her)self with a brand new twig, presumably for a new construction.


Towards the end of the day, it’s feeding time for the local crows and a few other hangers on. The “de-grassed” field provides easier access for a take-away worm or two.


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