A Year in a Lane – Week 25

It’s all (well nearly all) about the sky this week, given the time of the year. The moon was hovering over the trees at the end of the paddock early in the week on a clear night.

DSC00469 edSo the longest day of the year has now passed and nights are drawing back in. It would be some comfort if the weather was at least summer-like in nature but it’s  not that warm and still raining every other day. At least it was dry on the longest day and here is a picture of the Lane as the sun was going down – deliberately taken in natural light to try and capture the effect.

DSC00472 edA couple of days later, the clouds provided a great backdrop on one of those rare summer evenings that 2016 has offered up.

DSC00478 I had a visitor the other night in the entrance hall, trying to find his way out through a closed door. I assisted his escape and later found my new friend taking shelter by the drain among the pipework.


Haven’t seen him since but I expect he has legged it (or hopped it) back to the pond at the end of the garden. Another visitor this week was a tree surgeon who is working for the electricity board. He wants to trim two of my trees at the top of the drive right back as they are encroaching on the power lines and, more importantly, getting too close to the junction box which is between the two of them. I don’t really like chopping down trees but needs must as you can see below.


On the plus side, the view down the driveway will be opened up somewhat and I get to keep the wood, which he will log for me, free of charge so that will save a few pounds on winter heating bills.

And finally – what’s wrong with this picture?


Someone appears to have broken through the fence that splits the field that the horses are currently in and gone for the long grass on the other side. We try and limit the amount of grass accessible at any one time to try and prevent any risk of laminitis. However, someone is clearly not impressed.  #evilhorse

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