A Year in a Lane – Week 26

We have reached the halfway point and we’re still going strong!  This week we’ll begin with sewage!

Because there is no mains sewage in the lane (and most of the rest of the village), we have a septic tank in the garden which a nice man comes and empties once a year. Given the size of the lorry and the driveway entrance, it requires some driving skill to get close enough to the main drain entrance.


And here is the nice man with his extendable hose heading for the tank. It takes about 20 minutes to empty it (about 1000 gallons of “sludge”).


On to more pleasant subjects – as anyone who has been following this blog knows by now, I like a good sunset! This time I have a slightly different take as I thought that this particular cloud looked quite spectacular as the sun started its final descent.


I have tried to incorporate all the life in the lane at some point during the year and realise that the pigeons haven’t had much of a look in, apart from my favourite sunset “kissing” picture earlier in the year. They are the most consistent visitors throughout the year and so here is one gentleman surveying the paddock in the sun.


The night light is always intriguing at this time of year and here are a couple of pictures of the sheep next door who have returned prior to the field (apparently) being ploughed up in the autumn. This is about 90 minutes before sunset on a lovely (but sadly rare this year) summer’s evening.


A couple having a little pose for the camera there! And later as the sun was setting, the field provides silhouettes along the hillside.

DSC00496 ed


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