A Year in a Lane – Week 11

Last week, as the weather started to ease towards Spring, I showed some early work starting in creosoting sheds and shelters to help them recover from the winter battering and protect them for the future. Now work is starting in the lane to clear the debris of the many storms we have had – branches etc – from the verges in preparation for the first mowing of the year.

DSC00204Oh and yes, one of the five houses in the lane is for sale – not something that happens too often. Not quite sure how much passing trade the boards will attract.

The sheep are back in the field next to the top of the lane. The spring lambs hopefully are keeping warm. The numbers are for identification rather than a game of “spot the lamb” bingo – although maybe there’s an idea in there somewhere!


As well as eating grass, feed supplement to help with the sheep welfare is brought round to each field and emptied into a specific location by a tractor with a funnel release on the back. Think this fellow below has spotted it early and is hoping for first pickings.

DSC00218 ed

I, and many others, regularly walk dogs in the lane but occasionally people walk their horse as well. This can help exercise an injury which is still not ready to be ridden on. Or, in rarer cases, which I have witnessed, when the rider has been unceremoniously unseated and doesn’t care to re-board just yet! (not the case below, I hasten to add!)


Sunsets, as I mentioned in an earlier post, can be quite beautiful. At this time of year, before the trees have started to leaf, the view of a decent setting sun through the branches can be quite spectacular.



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