A Year in a Lane – Week 12

Horse feeding time is always easier in the warmer months – with enough grass to graze on, there is no requirement for hay to be provided morning and night, just the “evening meal” of various mixtures depending on the particular animal. Tommy and Flash are both in their mid twenties, so tend to have more supplements and specific feeds. Additionally, Tommy had a habit of rushing through his food and then kicking Flash off his and finishing it for him (too kind!). So now Flash is fed outside the field in a temporary “pen” which means he gets to eat all of his meal and in peace.


As Spring continues to roll in, the birdlife returns to the lane – Robins tend to be about most of the year, but are more prevalent this time of year. They are always waiting for bits of bread and/or dropped feed from the horses’ bowls.


The lambs are growing and at a stage where they are needing a bit more management, just as with children growing out of the toddler stage. The electricity pylon in the field seems to serve as a makeshift “crèche” where all the youngsters are gathered by their mothers. The ewes take it in turns to watch over the youngsters while those “off shift” wander off for a quiet munch and bit of peace and quiet by themselves.


Here is more evidence of the birdlife returning. I would like to have got a clearer picture of this colourful bullfinch but this was as best as I could get and, despite being somewhat in the bushes, the striking colours are still visible.


And given the improving weather, we are all eager to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun on our heads including Willow, who decided that the low wall outside the conservatory was as good a place as any to have a sit down.


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