A Year in a Lane – Week 10

Spring continues to move in and early plants are starting to come through, such as these catkins on a bush halfway down the driveway. I think this was obviously the offshoot of a willow tree originally as that would explain the catkins themselves and the timing of their appearance.


But just to remind us it is very early Spring and that maybe not all the storms have passed, Winter has one (hopefully) last burst which topples over two of the three conifers outside the conservatory (and these pots aren’t light). Earlier on in the year, the bench at the side was pictured blown forwards so it shows how exposed we are at the top of the hill as this is a gust from the opposite direction.

DSC00186 edit

An occasional reminder of our closeness to the coast occurs every now and then. Although it is 15km, as the seagull flies, to the nearest coastal point at Poole – windy weather at sea can drive these guys inland by some distance and they can be found digging for worms along with the crows and ravens in the nearby farm fields as this fine fellow shows.

DSC00188 edit

The sun returned later in the week and that’s a cue for a little sunbathing! In Tommy the horse’s case this follows a quick roll in the mud first. He’s never going to win the horse version of Cruft’s but we love him. Not sure what’s happening with that tongue!!


A favourite pastime of all country living dogs is hunting – something, anything. I have mentioned Lottie’s attempts at rabbit chasing before but at this time of year it’s field mice and dormice that attract her attention. There is obviously a nest somewhere in the undergrowth at the top of the field and she can spend hours, literally, just staring and waiting for some movement. Usually this ends with her wandering off bored and despondent after 2-3 hours or, if some activity is spotted, leaping up into the air with four paws off the ground and landing on….. nothing.




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