A Year in a Lane – Week 9

Spring is starting to spring and the first sunny weather is with us at last. Although there is a chilly wind and the nights are frosty, there is a definite tell-tale feeling of warmth coming from the sun. Walking down the lane with the dog is suddenly much more scenic and providing views of the lovely countryside that we all recognise and love.

DSC00172And, as if to prove the point, the animals are already seeking out the sunny bits and enjoying that early spring sunshine. It’s a hard life being a cat in the countryside!


Flowers are starting to bloom and here’s a quintessentially English cottage view across the fence to next door, who are very proud of their garden – quite rightly so.


At this time of year, it’s great to be able to spend time outdoors which also presents an opportunity to get started on the jobs that need doing to get everything up and running for the seasons ahead. I have to say creosoting is not my favourite pastime but it’s one of those jobs that is quite satisfying at the end as you can see the benefits of your labour. Here’s a before and after image of the woodshed which had taken a bit of a battering in the winter storms.



Three sheds and a horse shelter done – one more shed to go!! Oh, and then it’s the benches and the decking! Thanks to Annie for the last two photos (and the creosoting!)

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