A Year in a Lane – Week 8

At last the sun has come out for a few days on end, the fields are starting to dry up, there are blue skies and the birds, particularly the blackbirds, are starting to sing more – a sure sign that spring is on its way. A chaffinch or two have been spotted in the trees:

DSC00151 ed

And even the pigeons, who are with us all year, are looking chirpier. Here’s a fellow who has just had a crafty drink from the horses’ water butt. The tell-tale drip still on the edge of his beak!


Although the sun is out, it is still early in the year so wrapping up warm is essential, especially if you are out and about in the fields. Here is a “traditional” activity that takes place on a daily basis given the number of people that keep their horses in the fields around the lane. Not sure if there is an official or technical name, but it is generally known as “poo-picking”. All you need is a rake, a scoop and a wheelbarrow – well, and a horse as well, I guess.


At the opposite end of the lane to me lies a small 35 acre wood which provides a great spot for rambling, dog walking and general nature spotting in the 3 “nice” seasons. As the mud subsides there will be more opportunities to spend time there – usually with Lottie the dog. At the front of the wood, shown below, there is now a clearing where the overhead electricity wires run. Although it was a shame to lose a number of trees,  powerful winds over the last few years have continually felled trees anyway – and some of these take down the wires causing blackouts locally. The process seems to be working because, as I write, despite a number of heavy storms this year, we have escaped unscathed in the area.

DSC00164And finally, if you remember those hardy daffodils that I showed a few weeks back, they are now flourishing along with a plethora of snowdrops.


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