A Year in a Lane – Week 7

Finally this week, Wednesday aside so we won’t talk about that, there is some respite from the rain which means there are more signs of activity in the lane. I am not sure what a collective noun of horse carers/stable ladies is but here is an impromptu meeting in the middle of the lane – the beauty of it is that you can just stop and have a chat without too much worry about holding any passing traffic up. I must have tried to take this picture about half a dozen times but every time a rather hairy black creature wanted to be in the frame, so in the end I left her there!


The sunshine makes everything so much brighter and prettier. Here is a view down the central path of the racehorse stables – could almost be spring!


And as if to enhance the view that we are finally heading out of the dark months and into the light, the sheep are back in the field at the top of the lane. These guys are pretty much “teenagers” so are a bit hardier than baby lambs. It is a beautiful site to see them on the hill around the tower.


Oh – and if you could just pose for the camera please?

DSC00139 edit

And it is not just the sheep that are enjoying the sun. Tom and his playmate Flash – I think the official term is “companion” – are out and about away from the shelter of the corners of the field and enjoying the warmth and the grass. Flash is an ironic name as he doesn’t move very fast and tends not to bend his knees even when he runs. But he is a dear little thing and does his job well.


Fingers crossed for more dry weather !!


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