A Year in a Lane – Week 6

Just when we thought that the storms may have passed, along comes another one – can’t even remember the names any more, it feels like we must have gone round the alphabet at least once already! Really strong gusts this time around – the bench below is pretty heavy but it was completely uplifted off its feet!


As the year goes on, hopefully more nature photos of things growing and enjoying the environment will become more prevalent. In the meantime, here is another visitor to the lane. There are a lot of pheasants around at this time of year and I managed to capture this handsome fellow,  grazing around in the horses’ field.


Given the location of the lane, we get some lovely open vistas to view including clear skies at night – some of those to be featured I’m sure – and rainbows when the conditions are right. The strange thing about the one below was that the sky all around was blue apart from one large cloud – you can see the clear sky on the right.

DSC00107 edit

Finally, later in the week, some proper winter weather and we awoke to a beautiful frosty and somewhat misty day. This is from the top of the drive looking across to the copse at the other end of the farm.

DSC00115 ed

Finally, you have to be prepared for slower journey times around here – often getting caught behind tractors on the roads nearby. Sometimes it’s horse boxes – this is very much horse country – and here’s one coming back from an outing, heading to the stable yard at the top of the lane.

Horse Box



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