A Year in a Lane – Week 5

One of the things about living in an unmade up lane is that the council don’t pop round and repair the pot-holes as they would on a normal road. Come to think of it, they don’t do it on a normal road very often! The difference is that they will never do it, rather than once every couple of years or so. Consequently, it is up to the residents to take it upon themselves to keep the track relatively passable. The normal process is that someone with the heavy duty equipment does the work and everyone else chips in towards the materials although occasionally small repairs just get done on the fly. Recently, some of the damage done by the recent storms has attracted attention.


I’ve introduced one or two of the characters who share this environment with me and here’s another one – Spooner the cat. It’s a great environment for a cat to live in. It looks like he is having a relax in the field below but on closer inspection, he has actually popped out for a take-away, of which there are many opportunities.



I have saved the more ghoulish close-ups to protect the squeamish!

I have mentioned before about the small racehorse stable next door and here is a food delivery arriving! Not quite Tesco Direct but just as handy! The supplier is the local thatcher who also grows his own hay. In case you are wondering, the vehicle at the front of the picture is a poo-picker – for horses of course. Well, you wouldn’t expect the stable staff to wander round all those fields with a shovel and a wheelbarrow! This little beauty is towed along behind a quad bike.

DSC00081 Edit

And as reminder of the mild winter we have had, here is one of the many groups of daffodils which are flourishing quite happily on the verges in early February.



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