A Year in a Lane – Week 29

Having been away this week, I didn’t want to cheat and post pictures taken at a different time so, in the limited time I had, I thought I would show how the garden plants have blossomed over the last few weeks. Hanging baskets are really nice if you can fill and nurture them properly – thanks to Ann for all her hard work on making this happen!


And the two around the door give a country cottage-style effect. You can also just see the squirrel on the lower right – it grows around a frame so I cannot claim any topiary excellence other than cutting around said frame!


The garden has lots of lovely plants at the moment but one of the most colourful, and my personal favourite is the Crocosmia Venus with its bright orange flowers.


Finally (for it is a short entry this week), those of you who follow the blog regularly may remember that previously I showed the large machine coming onto the farm field to spray the grass to facilitate ploughing. The field was green before I went on holiday – see the difference!


Normal service will be resumed next week.

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