A Year in a Lane – Week 21

I am always keen to show the different creatures that inhabit the lane but have had real difficulty capturing a squirrel – they move too quickly and almost seem to know if a camera is pointing at them. Finally managed to get one this week, who was too busy chewing on something to notice me hovering nearby.


Everything is in bloom beautifully now and this bush is no exception providing a sparkling display of white as you come down the track.


The horses have managed to chomp their way through the grass in the paddock attached to the house over the last four weeks and so now it is time to move them again. The field they normally live in suffered badly, as we saw earlier in the year, with the winter rains. Thus they are going down the lane to a new field for them, courtesy of the stable yard next door. This will allow their “normal” field more time to recover. This new field has loads of grass in it and is fairly sizeable so we will section it off and allow them access to about a third at a time. The first fencing line is now in place.


And here are the boys being led down the lane by Clare to their summer retreat – followed by Willow and the “nanny” .


Back to things in bloom and the wisteria at the back of the house continues to flower, although it is now nearly at its peak, and crawl across the trellis at the entrance to the garden.


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