A Year in a Lane – Week 19

The weather continues to be warm and largely dry which causes changes to the natural view and also how the animals behave and react to the heat – and yes it has actually been very warm. The weather men are predicting that the next two months could be very hot – although these are the same people that predicted a barbeque summer a couple of years ago when it rained pretty much every day. We wait and see. In the meantime the animals enjoy grazing (Tommy) and lazing (Lottie, who else) in the sun.

DSC00366The horses, as shown last week, have come up to the paddock for a few weeks. Their winter field is resting and will eventually be dragged. It is already noticeable how much more grass there is and how dry it has become compared to the mud bath it was earlier in the year.


The apple tree above has blossomed beautifully as well. Everything is growing at a rate of knots – including the weeds unfortunately. The view from the back of the house across the paddock, which used to show the fields beyond, is now a vista of green trees.


We have some more creatures in the lane now as the hens from the stable yard halfway down have decided to wander about a bit more and see what they can find to eat beyond the yard itself. Here they are almost at the top of the lane, just short of my driveway.

IMG_1020  ed

At least they also help to slow any traffic down should any delivery drivers or visitors come up the lane a little quicker than they should. Talking of which, I encountered this mobile speed hump coming back during the week. Tommy was returning home from a ride with a local young lady who helps keep him fit by riding out occasionally.

IMG_1027 edNot a bad way to spend a summer’s evening!

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