A Year in a Lane – Week 17

I have previously mentioned the lovely sunsets that we get that are always helped by the open vista to the west from the house position on the hill. Here was another great example from this week.


A couple of weeks ago I showed the willow trees starting to leaf up as the weather warmed and in the fortnight it seems that everything has suddenly come on apace – the view down the lane has suddenly transformed into a beautiful array of green hues.


This next picture is a pile of poo – literally! The manure and sawdust from the racehorses is collected in this side yard and eventually taken away by a large lorry. Our boys add their own little contribution as we take the wheelbarrow over daily with the “pickings” from their field.


It is still chilly, especially at night, even ‘tho’ we are nearly in May – in fact we have had as many frosts at the end of April as in the whole of January and February, but at least it has been relatively dry. The next door horses are still wearing their coats to keep warm even during the day.


The field above the house is well managed by the farm and this week they have been flattening the ground down – the sheep are blissfully unmoved by the presence of the tractor and roller.


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