A Year in a Lane – Week 15

April brings about a mix of weather, including some lovely misty mornings following chilly nights. The Sun gradually burns through (assuming we get some on any given day) but there is something rather haunting about a misty morning across the fields. This is a view across next door’s fields to the lane beyond.

DSC00287 ed

Blossom is starting to come out on the trees in many places and here is a cherry tree at the end of the driveway adjacent to bushes where the winter berries are beginning to drop off. A good example of the transition across the seasons. Oh and someone decided you might like a dog in the picture too!


The other stables in the lane are where locals (and some others from quite some way away including Bournemouth) keep their horses. They come out most days to feed and poo-pick and then ride at weekends or in the longer evenings which are already stretching out towards 9.00 pm.


Security round here tends to involve four-legged security alarms as much as more traditional ones. Lottie usually picks up on someone approaching from the end of the driveway and is most vocal if anyone should dare to use the footpath across the neighbouring farm :-). These two handsome chaps below do a similar job for the racehorse yard as well as acting as Lottie’s early warning system and vice-versa.


And having mentioned horse riding, here are some riders taking out their horses one pleasant spring evening, just heading off the end of the lane onto tarmac towards the village.

Horse Riders ed

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