A Year in a Lane – Introduction

A Year in a Lane – Introduction

Most people live in a road – they have neighbours on either side, and opposite, and tarmac outside their property.

I live in a lane.

To be precise, it is a third of a mile long gravel track leading from the road that runs through the village. There are 5 houses on this track and I live at the top sandwiched between a small racehorse stable yard and a farm. It is an idyllic spot and I wonder how long it can continue as it is now in the 21st century. I hope it will be many years yet.

Don’t misunderstand me, everything changes and evolves – sometimes for the better, sometimes not. However, I think it is important that this lane’s place in history in the early part of this century is recorded somewhere.

This is my attempt to do so – to show life in the lane over a year, 2016 to be precise. I plan to publish a few pictures each week to show life in the lane over the course of the year. I hope it provides some interest to anyone watching!

This blog is dedicated to Sue and Willow.



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