A Year in a Lane – Week 3

Those of us that live in the lane are rightly proud of it and try and keep it looking good – we are not talking suburban twee garden good here but just tidy and a nice and pleasant environment. So a polite sign at the first bend as you come into the “private” bit is there to remind people to take care.


Unfortunately, there are always those that don’t seem to be able to respect the environment. Most of the problem is speeding by delivery vehicles or visitors, or people riding up on the verge when something is coming the other way rather than reversing a few yards to one of many places where passing is possible. The damage below is just an example of someone deciding that it’s ok to drive over the grass.


My neighbour who is the official “owner” of the lane spends many hours himself and employing a gardener to keep the lane looking nice. So, it’s out with the digger to repair the bank and flatten out the verge. The grass, fortunately, will grow back fairly quickly.

DSC00023So much for the bad news 🙂 . This week saw the first real frosts of the winter – third week in January! The landscape is transformed into something more like one would expect at this time of year.

DSC00030 Crop

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